Stonestreet is an up and coming artist most known for his song “Ammunition” off his first mixtape Black Canvas, featured on the AlexRainBirdMusic 2019 Spotify Playlist. He is primarily influenced by contemporary Pop music, but stylistically he has ventured into genres like Folk, R&B, and Electronic. In addition to his solo career, he has featured for several other artists with genres ranging from EDM to Hip-Hop.

Stonestreet started his career in the Atlanta music scene, where he was first introduced to super producer Khao Cates. While collaborating with Cates, he developed his sound at local open mics as a singer-songwriter. His initial success with Cates, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback he received for his live performances, inspired Stonestreet to move to Los Angeles and pursue music full-time.

Since arriving in Los Angeles, Stonestreet has been busy. He is currently working with producer Jason Lowrie, as well as with producer Rian O’Connell Lewis, who is most well known for his collaborations with Doja Cat and DRAM. Stonestreet expects to release more new music in 2020.