Stonestreet is an up-and-coming solo musician hailing from Atlanta and currently based in Los Angeles. He is primarily influenced by contemporary pop music, but stylistically he has ventured into genres like folk, R&B, and electronic. His new song/video “Hate to Love” is an anti-love anthem. “Your love is real but unfortunately, so is your heartbreak. Romance is a beautiful mess.” – Nick Stonestreet

Check out the video…and keep an eye out for more from this talented artist.

Stonestreet releases touching new video for “Hate to Love” (Noisy Ghost PR)

…Stonestreet has developed his style from soul, gospel and blues music. At the tender age of 17, Stonestreet auditioned for former lead producer of Grand Hustle records, and youth empowerment leader Kevin “Khao” Cates who brought him into his team to develop educational and social emotional programs through music. From there, Stonestreet has gone on to work independently with producers from all around the world, including places such as; Italy, France, Sweden, Latin America and even the Netherlands.


Well my biggest project was “Give You” by Nick Stonestreet it was even getting lots of attention in the UK Urban Pop music at one point very supportive project and I didn’t even promote it to the fullest extent I just let it talk for itself. I love trap music but pop music is like my soft side that’s where all my emotions go.

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